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We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Green River area from their patient reviews. Dr. Bryant Birch and the staff at Birch Family Dentistry are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Birch.


Lynn Dewailly
I would like to thank Birch Family Dentistry for going the extra mile and doing a CT scan of my sons head and neck. By doing this diagnostic test it was discovered that my child has an airway obstruction and an issue with his sinuses. Thanks for caring for your patients--and of to the ENT we go.


Evelyn D. Alexander
I am grateful that Dr. Birch suggested that it would benefit me to have a sleep study. It was noticed during an exam that my tongue might be dropping back and blocking my breathing. I mentioned this to my medical doctor and she scheduled a sleep study. I am now on oxygen and a CPAP at night due to the study showing my oxygen dropped very low and I quit breathing numerous times. I do feel better during the day. I want to do more than sit and even tho I liked my naps I no longer take them. I really appreciate Dr. Birch for suggesting the sleep study.


J. Freeman-2017
I was super worried about the care I would receive. I was greeted with nothing but compassion and kindness from all the staff. I will be working on transitioning all my children to this office.


J. Rasmussen-2016
The whole staff is fantastic and friendly. Everyone seems to know their job and they take care of patients very well.


A. Miller-2016
Birch Family Dentistry helps me by keeping my teeth clean, answering my questions and concerns, working me in for appointments when I need to be seen, being helpful with billing insurance and working with me on the charges when I did not have insurance. The staff has caring attitudes, patience, and follow-thru with details. I have a positive experience every time.


K. Bruce-2015
Hygienist was very friendly and accommodating. I'm always a little nervous at the dentist office and she put me at ease and did her job most efficiently and professionally. Great to talk to Brant and see that he was okay after his accident. Highly recommended! Best Dentist Office ever!


J. Dickinson-2016
I was very nervous and anxious about my appointment, but everyone from the front office girls to the girls that did my x-rays, to Dr. Birch himself made me feel comfortable. I was embarrassed by my teeth and smile, but they didn't make me feel bad. As nervous as I am going to the dentist, I feel completely comfortable coming back. I am actually excited to get the dental care I need done. 

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Joshua C.
Joshua C. via Yelp Dec 14 2016 Let's face it, there are a hundred things one would rather do than go to a dentist. I called Dr. Birch to see if he could squeeze me in for an emergency... Read more